Welcome to Mansquatchie, one of Frank Legros's constructed worlds.

ANTEN-NAHEN, by Myostan. You can read more about Anten-Nahen in "Woshchuck" and "Yeksihs".

Fourteen stories:

VINCENT À DIBADI (in French) ici


Episode 1        Detectives

Episode 2        Interrogation

Episode 3        The Bank

Episode 4        Immalda

"Detectives" doesn't take place on planet Mansquatchie but on another parallel Earth. I drew inspiration from the French translation of Ferenc-Karinthy's novel Metropole.

LE RAPPORT SPENCER: En français. Une histoire mêlant science, vie éternelle et passion, écrite par mon fils, Axel. Ici.


In French. Budai's adventures seen by the Dibadians. I imagined how the residents of the Metropole would see Budai, and I stayed as close to Karinthy's original text as I could. To fully appreciate the texts it is better to read Ferenc Karinthy's novel - Metropole in English, Épépé in French – before you read my prose. Épépé Fanfiction doesn't count as a story, for I didn't write the original text. I consider it as my homage to Ferenc Karinthy.

A l'hôtel, au commissariat, à l'hôpital et à l'église : ici.

Le défilé du printemps : ici.


Mansquatchie is a parallel universe, very similar to our own Earth, with a major difference: the South Pole is not frozen, it is a fertile continent, named Halpetili.

You can read about the history of Halpetili here




Quondh Veld





In "Woshchuck", "Yeksihs" and "Inspection", a language named Quanafi is mentioned. The creator of Quanafi is Kimana, aka Šinali Siši, Princess Dazi and Kathara Sophia.

Two languages of Mansquatchie:



Tazatta is derived from Pabappa, one of the languages created by Kuvdamos, who is also a creator of worlds.

More languages will be coming in the future, in the little time left by work, family, and other real world activities.


01/25/2011 Vincent à Dibadi

04/26/2009 Le Rapport Spencer

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05/08/2008 The Bank

02/23/2008 Interrogation

02/10/2008 Detectives

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07/25/2007 Storm

12/18/2006 Inspection

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