Sample Sentences
The King and the Sky-God
The Sheep and the Horses
The Lord's Prayer
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Miranda Rights


The bird excreted on my car.
Kala chi munkspu kopa na wehachik.

My car was excreted on by a bird.
Na wehachik, kala chi munkspu kopa yaka.

My 1985 car was made by Ford.
Na ixt kwaist stotkin kwinami kol wehachit Polt munk.

I drove the car the bird excreted on to the carwash.
Chi na kish wehachik, tlaksta kala munkspu kopa yaka, kopa chikwoshtu.

I washed my car with soap and hot water.
Na wosh na wehachik kopa woshtlis pi wom chak.

My car is now cleaner than yours.
Na wehachik alta tlina ilipyu oma wehachik.

Did you wash your car?
Aki chi oma wosh oma wehachik?

You said to me, "I do not own a car."
Oma uwo naika okok omaika wek tuwan wehachik.

I said, "He said to me, 'I do not own a car.'"
Na uwo okok ya uwo naika okok yaka wek tuwan wehachik.


Once there was a king. He was childless. The king wanted a son.
He asked his priest: "May a son be born to me!"
The priest said to the king: "Pray to the sky-god."
The king approached the god Sky to pray now to the god.
"Hear me, father Sky!"
The god Sky came down from heaven.
"What do you want?" "I want a son."
"Let this be so", said the bright god Sky.
The king’s lady bore a son.

Ankati hayastayi mitlait. Yaka halo tenan. Hayastayi stle yit.
Ya uhanicht ya liplet: "Kwan spos yit chako kopa naika!"
Liplet uwo hayastayi: "Usaxli saxlitayi ti Kusa."
Hayastayi ko saxlitayi ti Kusa pi usaxli alta ok saxlitayi.
"Ukwolan naika, ish ti Kusa!"
Saxlitayi ti Kusa chako kikwili saya kusa.
"Ikta oma stle?" "Na stle yit."
"Tlosh kakwa", okok tlina saxlitayi ti Kusa uwo.
Hayastayi ya tluchman ukwatin yit.


On the mountain a sheep that had no wool saw horses - one pulling a heavy waggon, one a great load, and one swiftly carrying a man.
Then the sheep said to the horses: "It pains my heart to see a man driving horses."
Then the horses said: "Listen, sheep: it pains our heart to see man, the master, making himself a warm garment from sheep's wool, when the sheep has no wool."
On hearing this, the sheep fled into the plain.

Kopa lamotai ixt limuto tlaksta halo mutosel, tlaksta nanich nan kayush - tlaska ixt hol til wehachik, tlaska ixt hol hayas alolo, pi tlaska ixt hayak lolo man.
Alta limuto uwo nan kayush okok: "Pshak na yanawas okok na nanich man kish kayush." Alta nan kayush uwo okok: "Ukwolan, o limuto: pshak ntsa yanawas okok ntsa nanich man, ti tayi, munk kopa swaika wom sel kopa limuto ya mutosel, kanchak limuto halo mutosel."
Alta limuto ukwolan okok pi kuli kopa asyaktu.


Our father, who are in heaven,
Hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins,
As we forgive those who did us harm.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.

Ntsa ish tlaksta mitlait kusa
Kwan oma nem saxli
Kwan oma liskukum chako
Kwan oma listle chako munk
Kakwa kopa kusa pi kopa skwachi
Kwan oma upotlach ntsa konawesan lipan ntsaika altasan
Pi kwan oma munksto ntsa limasachi ntsaika
Kakwa ntsa munksto kopa tlaska umasachi ntsaika
Pi kwan wek oma mutlatwa ntsaika kopa astle'um
Pi kwan oma mutla ntsaika kopa limasachi
Tlosh kakwa.


1. In that time, all the people spoke one language, and everyone could understand everyone else.
Ankati konawe tilxam uwo ixt lalan, pi konawe man kapam xachit konawe man.

2. But it happened, that as human beings journeyed West, they found a wide plain in the land of Shinar, and settled there.
Kopa lali tilxam tlatwa otlaxtlip, tlas nanich tlakalx asyaktu kopa ili ti Shina. Tlas munk hit yakwa.

3. The human beings decided, "We will make bricks, and bake them well." They soon had bricks to use as stone and they could use clay for mortar.
Tilxam ankati uxachninwo okok "Alki ntsa munk chak’ilahiston, pi munkpaya tlaska tlosh." Chaiki tlas tuwan chak’ilahiston okok tlas u kakwa ston, pi tlas kapam u chak’ilahi kakwa stonkpat.

4. They decided "We will build a city here, with a tower whose top will reach up to Heaven. We will make a name for ourselves here, and not become wanderers across the land."
Tlas uxachninwo "Alki ntsa munk an yakwa, asam hayas’hit tuwan saxli’a ko kusa. Alki ntsa munk nem kopa ntsaika yakwa, pi wek chako tlatwatilxam."

5. Soon God came down to see the city and tower that the human beings were building.
Chaiki Saxlitayi chako saya kusa pi nanich an pi hayas’hit okok tilxam munk.

6. God said, "Yes, the people work as one, and all use one language. Today they are doing this thing. Soon, nothing will prevent them from doing whatever they plan to do."
Saxlitayi uwo okok "Aha, tilxam chai kakwa ixt, pi konawe uwo ixt lalan. Altasan tlas munk okok. Chaiki halo ikta kapam munkopet tlaska munk konawikta okok tlas uxachnin munk."

7."So let's go down and confuse their language so that they can not understand each other."
"Kwan na chako pi munkxix tlas lalan kopa tlaska wek kapam xachit tlaska."

8. In this way, the Lord scattered them away from there, across the land. All work stopped on the city.
Kopa ok metot Saxlitayi munktlayakut tlaska saya yakwa, inatai ili. Konawe achai ukopet kopa an.

9. Afterwards, that place was called Babel or "Confusion," because it was the place where God confused language, and thus scattered human beings over the surface of earth.
Kimta okok, ok ka chako nem Papel paswek "Axix", kata yakwa Saxlitayi munkxix lalan, pi kakwa okok ya munktlayakut tilxam inatai ili skin.


1. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions.
2. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.
3. As we discuss this matter, you have a right to stop answering my questions at any time you desire.
4. You have a right to a lawyer before speaking to me, to remain silent until you can talk to him/her, and to have him/her present when you are being questioned.
5. If you want a lawyer but cannot afford one, one will be provided to you without cost.
6. Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you?
7. Now that I have advised you of your rights, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?

1. Oma tuwan lo mitlait halowo pi uwo wek umoksti chitan.
2. Konawikta oma uwo, okok man kapam u weksnax omaika kopa lohit.
3. Alta ntsa uwo kopa okok, oma tuwan lo ukopet umoksti na chitan konawe kansi oma tiki.
4. Oma tuwan lo kopa loman chul oma uwo kopa naika, lo kopa mitlait halowo kopakansi oma kapam uwo asam loman, pi lo kopa loman yakwa kansi oma man uchitan.
5. Spos oma stle loman tawau wek oma kapam makuk, alta loman man munkchako kopa omaika halo tola.
6. Aki oma xachit konawe ok lo okok chi na munk oma xachit?
7. Alta chi na uwo oma lo omaika, alta aki oma stle umoksti na chitan halo loman yakwa?